Tuesday, January 23, 2007

moral fences

Dr. James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel and Walk in the Word ministries publicly sets up these 5 moral fences to hold himself accountable:

1) I will not, under any circumstances, ride alone in a car with a female other than my wife or an immediate family member.

2) I do not counsel women in a closed room or more than once.

3) I do not stay alone in a hotel over night.

4) I speak often and publicly of my affection for my wife, when she is present and when she is not.

5) Compliment the character or the conduct - not the coiffure or the clothing.

Read the rest of the article to learn about the rational behind each of these. I admire the way he has chosen to publically hold himself accountable.


Carol Herdien said...

The article was very interesting because he gave a complete explanation of each "fence." The one about not riding alone in a car with a woman reminded me of the rule that nuns used to have, and perhaps still do, although I doubt it since they don't wear habits anymore. They were never permitted to ride in a car without another nun present, even if the driver were her father or brother because of how it might look to the public. I suppose that is one reason for that "fence." Not that the pastor would be tempted, but how it might look to someone who might see them.

Good points, although the "never be alone in a hotel room" might be a stretch. Now when I go to a legal secretary meeting, we always go 4 ladies to a room. This is for financial reasons. But also you can't be tempted with some guy when you are in a room with three other snoring, bed hogging women.

Carol Herdien

Jason Woolever said...

Carol, interesting nun info!
Man, I think that if every time I traveled I had to share a room with three snoring, bed-hogging men, I'd give up traveling!
That's really funny!

Armando said...

Hi Jason, of course, keeping oneself accountable is key to purity. There are many things that one can do to "kill the flesh". As frequent traveller, I'm often facing hotel room situations. Once I was in a hotel in Barcelona, and the room had a TV, very high almost touching the roof, thence you had to pay for the remote control. I never paid a penny for it, and normally I avoid going to hotels where you have full cable TV access ... of course in order to keep my eyes "clean". In any case, I always prefere a room alone to avoid my friends complaining of "sleeping in a room with one snoring lad"!

Counselling women is also tricky, so I avoid as much as possible the "one to one" situations so that there is no misunderstandings. I practice speaking in "counselling terms" with everyone in the Church. Even individual chats are not done in a separate room :-)

It is interesting though, that I have an accountability partner, and believe me he knows ALL about me (even thoughts). From one side this puts me in a very vulnerable situation towards him (to whom I trust 100%), but also strenghtens my own ministry in the sense that nobody can come to point out that I'm having whatever hidden sin, because if I sin, it is not hidden at all, it is brought to light: confessed, repented and specific actions to avoid future "relapses" are undertaken ... And I have to say, it works :-)