Monday, January 08, 2007

van halen

My mom just sent me an email telling me that Van Halen just made it into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Its about time!

Other than Jesus probably no other person has had a bigger impact on my life than Eddie Van Halen (sad but true!). From ages 12-21, most of my energy went into learning to play guitar like Eddie. I even earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar Performance during my undergraduate studies.

Its been a huge disappointment to me to see how Eddie's life has turned out. While I think that his incredible ability shows forth the glory of his Maker (though he probably doesn't see it that way), his horrible struggle with addiction shows from the power of the Deceiver and Destroyer (that's Satan, not Rock N Roll).

Pray for the salvation of Eddie Van Halen.

Congratulations on the induction into the Hall of Fame!


Allen M said...

As a child of the 80s, I, too, was raised on Van Halen and all things rock at my local Red Lobster Restaurant. I was a busboy and a busser back in those days, and we'd absolutely crank up the music once all of the "guests" had left the building.
Van Halen used to rule the world! Maybe old(er) age will mellow Eddie out a bit. I enjoy your blogs. I'll get in on the theology ones another time.
- AllenM

Jason Woolever said...

cool Allen. great to hear from you!