Wednesday, February 07, 2007

11 minute emerging church video

Check out this video about Solomon's Porch over at Steve McCoy's blog. Its a much different way of doing church than what most of us are used to!


Carol Herdien said...

Cafeteria Christianity? -- Mix-and Match? -- just pick out the parts that you like and disgard or ignore the others?? Maybe so, but I don't think that is Christianity as Paul viewed it. The group seems pretty bizarre for Minnesota's staid Swedes and Norweigans. Didn't like the earrings either on the first guy.


St.Phransus said...

i dunno carol about the mix and match. i saw people speaking liturgy together, singing together, the word proclaimed, responses and testimonies, and even liturgy socially embodied through art experiences. All the practices that make up a Christian worship experience seemed to be there.

I think S.P. exemplifies what it means to be a missional church in north america- they have identified the culture around them and have shaped a community and life together that speaks the gospel in that particular commnity's language. Pretty awesome, indeed.

thanks jason.