Tuesday, February 06, 2007

after the game...

I found this inspiring article by Ross Maak at The Pearcey Report website. Here's a blurb:

"After the game, (Indianapolis head coach) Tony Dungy came into the locker room and asked the media to respect his wishes and turn everything off," Anders said. "Then he says he wants to end the season the same way they've ended every game this year - with a prayer."

Then he leads the team through a prayer. Not just a 'Thank-you-Lord-for-allowing-us-to-win-this-game prayer, either. This was a meaningful, powerful, deep, deep prayer with players saying things like 'Yes, Lord' and so on throughout."

Then, when it was over, he got every single player in there to recite the Lord's Prayer in unison. It was almost like he had converted the entire team into born-again Christians."

P.S. So that I'm not misunderstood, I was not rooting for the Colts!

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Larry B said...

Both Tony and Lovie are very strong Christians and Tony especially has used his platform to show people his faith. BTW Tony Dungy's brother Bob was our district superintendent at our UMC in Indiana.

You might want to check out Andy B's (entertherainbow) recent post about the superbowl and my subsequent comment about Tony there. He really is a remarkable person in regards to his faith and value system.