Friday, February 09, 2007

boys to men

For my birthday this year, my older brother gave me a book entitled Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis. He had read it and found it very helpful. I got the chance to read this short but powerful book yesterday on my day off and found it very inspiring.

Lewis and some friends made the observation that modern culture doesn't have a right of passage into manhood. He offers some ideas for how men can help their sons transition into adulthood with meaningful ceremonies (such as having godly men gather to encourage them and pray over them... nothing too far out).

He also says that young men need a biblical vision for authentic manhood. He builds it on Scripture. Here's a list of his "Manhood Principles" without explanation.

A real man...
#1 - rejects passivity
#2 - accepts responsibility
#3 - leads courageously
#4 - expects the greater reward...God's reward.

Read the book for a thorough explanation of these principles and why they are so important. I recommend it to every man who has a son.


JD said...


Thanks for the post. It seems like that book takes Wild at Heart to a new level.


Jason Woolever said...

I have not yet read Wild at Heart. Do you recommend it?

JD said...

Great Book! It can be a little corny at times, but it addresses taking charge of who we are as men. It also can be a little sexist, referring to your wife being a maiden that needs to be rescued. Overall, I think it is a very representative description of gender roles and how, as the book you read states, men have lost the ability to be men in our society, and boys to be boys. There is no right of pasage anymore. The feminization of America.

On another note, I asked this before, do you just have gobs of time, or do you speed read?


Jason Woolever said...

cool. i'll have to check it out.

about the reading. i would not say that i have gobs of time or that i am a speed reader.
i would say that i don't watch tv except with my kids and i don't read the paper. so if a person is in the habit of watching one hour of TV a day and he quit, he would have 7 hours a week to read, which is long enough to get through many books.
also, i've found that i actually read more if i read for the big picture instead of small details. when i used to read books and underline all the time and make notes on the sides, i didn't actually get more out of the book. when i read faster and try to grasp the key points, i remember more. so my reading methods have changed in the past few years and i'm able to read faster.

bandlady said...

I highly recommend the companion book to Wild at Heart, Captivating. The author's wife wrote it and Jay gave it to me as a gift. I really got a lot out of that book. Additionally, my best friend Shayla sent me The Sacred Romance, also by John Eldredge. Gave me a completely different perspective on what my relationship with Christ should be.

Jason Woolever said...

jennice has read captivating too and really liked it. i need to read Wild at Heart.

ableknife said...

I know this post was about a book for men, but there is another book out right now that will also help women in raising great men. It's called Preparing Him for the Other Woman by Sheri Rose Shepherd. Ladies should check it out!