Monday, February 26, 2007

does Al Gore practice what he preaches?

You decide.


bandlady said...

I just finished watching this on Fox News. Very interesting. I have more respect for Darryl Hannah and Ed Begley Junior because they practice what they preach all the time. I wouldn't go to the extremes they do to conserve energy and reduce landfill waste, but they certainly aren't hypocritical about being "green."

Dave said...

He received some criticism about a year ago in an article I read that said he showed up at a Global Warming rally, or something like that, in an armada of Suburbans.

Anonymous said...

I would have to have some kind of comparison to draw on.

I would need to know another politician / celebrity / rockstar with a similar sized home.

I don't have a home the size of Mr. Gore nor do the entertaining and politico activities. So I think to make such blanket statements without a baseline comparison is unfair.

I don't have a need for security where men with guns need to protect my family and I. Mr. Gore has such a need. Large SUVs are popular for this tasks from Rap stars, ex-vice presidents, and private security in Iraq.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

In His Service,

John Flores
Frisco, Texas

TN Rambler said...

While I have no basis to judge the facts quoted in the article, as a Tennessean I have seen other "studies" by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. While they claim to be non-partisan, their agenda tends to be far to the right of Mr Gore. For that reason alone, I would tend to be skeptical of anything that they produce.

Jason Woolever said...

hey TN, thanks for the inside scoop!