Monday, February 12, 2007

the downfall of Darwin

Darwinian evolution, a "theory" that has long been taught as fact to young trusting minds, is no longer considered credible by an ever-increasing number of top scientists. Read more here. It seems utterly deceitful to teach young people something which has such little evidential support as though it were indesputably true. Educational systems must stop closing the minds of young people if they will continue to exist and be effective.

Thanks to Brian Bill for the link.


Dave said...

Hi Jason,

I remember in college I took a philosophy class (which actually wasn't about philosophy, but about the professor's religious beliefs), and one of the first things he said to the class was: "Evolution happened. Accept it. It is proven. Now, what effect does that have on Christianity?" Unfortunately, I bought into some of his arguments for a while. What's really unfortunate though is there are many that permantly believe it as fact simply because that's what they were told.

Take care,


Jason Woolever said...

isn't that scary. and the crazy thing is that people like that are supposedly not teaching religious beliefs. blows my mind.