Friday, February 09, 2007

simple church

I had a chance to read this book earlier this week. This is a book based on research that shows that the churches that are most effective in makes disciples have a simple and very clear process to making disciples.

Instead of having a mission statement, a purpose statement, a vision statement, and different mission/vision statements for different programs in their churches, they had one statement that succinctly summarized their disciple making process. It was a simple statement that everyone knew. Most of the statements involves three components:
1) connecting people to God
2) connecting people to other Christians
3) connecting people to service.

Then with this simple purpose/process statement, all of the church's programs were built around one of the points. Usually it looked like this
1) connecting people to God (through a worship service)
2) connecting people to other Christians (through a small group)
3) connecting people to service (through a ministry).

If a program didn't fit up within the defined purpose/process it was either thrown out or hopefully never allowed to exist. All of the different ministry areas (youth, children, adult) used the same process and the same statement and very similar programs.

There's more to it, but this was the main point of the book as I understand it. My friend Brian Bill recommended this book to me, and I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with an overprogrammed busy church and wants to be more effective in making disciples.

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