Tuesday, February 13, 2007

snowfall and leadership

The entire town of Pontiac is shutting down because of the massive snowfall going on, so I'm going home! Before I do, I thought I'd share a quote that I shared with a friend at breakfast this morning as we were talking about leadership. He really liked it. Its by Lovett Weems.
Organizations get the leadership they deserve, not the leadership they need.


bandlady said...

Wow. That's both powerful and convicting. Thanks for sharing!

Jason Woolever said...

i think so too. if its true though, it leads to the question, What hope is there for an organization that does not deserve a good leader?

Anonymous said...

It is a nice quote, however, one should be careful of generalizations. For e.g., did the folks at Enron deserve what they got (loss of stock, retirement benefits, and life savings) from the unethical & immoral practices and leadereship of Ken Ley? Probably not.

Perhaps power has the potential to corrupt leaders who initially assume responsiblity w/ honorable intentions but are somehow swayed into bad medicine(?). On the other hand, this quote is probably rooted in the notion of the democratic method. Nowadays it seems like folks only vote for a candidiate based on self interest rather than voting for that individual who is most capable of leading. There is never going to be a leader (in any sense) that everyone can relate to at all times. As such, I believe we should elect leaders that we most trust to make the moral and righteous decisions EVEN in those times when those decisions might potentially benefit the public good in a way that is inconsistent w/ my personal desires. I suppose in this sense that we do get what we deserve. In the Republic, Plato argues that some individuals are more capable of leading than others - it seems hard to dispute this point.

Regardless, Pontiac must have done something in the right to deserve a good soul such as yourself...

Peace, GGK;)