Sunday, February 04, 2007

super bowl shuffle

give it your best shot guys... I remember getting the record of the Super Bowl Shuffle for Christmas in 1984... alas... that was when David Lee Roth was still with Van Halen. A lot has changed since then.

PLUS: Check this out. What is the NFL hoping to accomplish with this?


Anonymous said...


I did have a 33 1/3 album of the SuperBowl Shuffle. I am rooting for the underdogs, da bears.

I hope that these two teams give us an exciting game.

I'm disappointed with the NFL. But if the issue is using copyrighted terms like NFL, Superbowl, team names, logos .. I understand the lawyers swooping in. Generic ads showing a football and TV should have been used.

Other groups, college associations get around the TV size rules but getting as many TVs as they can within the size limitations. Some restaurants and sports bars even have small plasma screens in the restrooms.
I think the church was new to hosting such football watch parties and did not know the protectionist policies of the NFL.

Lawyers.. give me a break.

Enjoy the game and keep you witness to Christ.

John Flores

Jason Woolever said...

Oh well... At least they tried! Hopefully it won't be 21 more years til the Bears make it back to the SuperBowl.

Carol Herdien said...

Hey Jason, I remember that SuperBowl Shuffle very well and really liked it. I put it in my favorites so I can play it for Makinzi and Payton. I'm going to try to do that with Al Jolson once again, although we tried when Donald was here. I go into the October blogs from time to time and listen to him sing "Mammy."

My children are bitterly disappointed that the Bears didn't win. As for me, it is only a game, and someone has to win and someone has to lose. At least the loss kept the students at ISU from completely vandalizing the town this time.


Carol Herdien said...

Jason! I just got Al Jolson's entire slide show and program on my web favorites! Don't know how you manged it but -- What a thrill! Thank you! Thank you! More songs and photos than I ever expected.


Jason Woolever said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Larry B said...

I just moved from Indy a year ago, so I called back to see what exactly was going on with the NFL cracking down.

According to the people I talked to the churches that got in trouble were the ones that were charging an admission to the party, and that were violating the 55" rule. The NFL has to show due diligence in protecting their copyright or they could lose it. Also, some of the churches had cut and paste superbowl logos onto their party fliers which is a violation of the copyright too.
It's just the nature of the copyright system. Not unlike ASCAP with the music licensing.

The churches didn't understand that charging admission associated with viewing the football game even if it wasn't for profit is just plain agains the NFL's use policy of their property. Most of the churches didn't get in trouble for having gatherings because they weren't using over 55" screens, and they weren't charging admission.

What also didn't get reported as much was that there were a ton of raids on shirt shops in Indy that were illegally printing superbowl t-shirts too. The NFL cracked down on any and all violators not just the churches.

Remember the UMC Logo has a lot of rules and protections surrounding it's use as well, so it's shouldn't be surprising that the NFL protects its property too.

Jason Woolever said...

Larry, Thanks so much for the inside scoop on the issue. Good to have the whole issue laid out for us!