Wednesday, March 21, 2007

James MacDonald on March Madness

I've really been enjoying (and coming close to having a heart attack because of) March Madness. I just came across this cool reflection about the NCAA Tournament by Dr. James McDonald of Walk in the Word/Harvest Bible Chapel. Here's a blurb:

Here's a few thoughts on why it's so thrilling and what we might learn from that:

1) The players are unselfish and far more humble than professional athletes who often put their own ego needs ahead of the team.
2) The players are in the game for team pride and the pure joy of competing they do not receive any financial incentive to compete.
3) The players have the unspoiled enthusiasm of youth. They each truly believe that they can beat the 'goliath' and go all the way.
4) Most of the players will never compete as professionals so they throw themselves at the objective with no thought for the future.
5) There are no seven games series or 82 game seasons. It's all on the line every time they take the court. They compete with total abandon because losing means going home.

I love March Madness and plan to watch a lot of games, but it's hard not to wonder what would happen if we lived for Christ the way the athletes play the NCAA Tourney.

1) What if we competed with total commitment to the team and zeroed our individual ego needs?
2) What if we ignored financial incentive and lived for the reward of pleasing Christ alone?
3) What if we faced and tackled the giants that tower over us with great faith in God, unspoiled by the failures of the past?
4) What if we lived this day as though it was our last?
5) What if we gave our all to Jesus today, not reserving energy for future battles or maintaining other priorities?

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