Friday, March 09, 2007

a must-read conversation between two high profile evolutionists

I just came across a year-old article by Rick Pearcey describing how evolutionist Michael Ruse was very concerned with what might be the "knee-jerk atheism" of Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennet.

This is a must read conversation between two very popular evolutionists who are in sharp disagreement. Dr. Michael Ruse cusses quite a bit in it, just to warn you.

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ouini said...

Dennet is first and foremost a philosopher. He's openly atheist, and currently is one of the standard-bearers of atheists, so can fairly be called an atheist philosopher.

Dawkins is a scientist, but is more publically recognized as an atheist, and in fact is a self-professed militant atheist.

Ruse is not terribly well known, and though he portrays himself as a staunch supporter of science and "Darwinism", he is accepted in a pretty lukewarm fashion by evolutionists, because he tends to misrepresent the stance of evolutionists, especially if they're atheist. This is also partially because he insists on using unfavorable eponyms such as "Darwinism", which are traditionally used by evolution-denialists to marginalize and misrepresent.