Wednesday, March 28, 2007

why blog?

My good friend and role model Brian Bill has been taking a step back and examining the "why" of blogging. He decided to jump back in. I decided that I'd post a few of the reasons I keep blogging (copied from an email I sent to Brian):
Here's a few of things that have kept me blogging:

1) I know that when I left the Methodist Blogosphere last fall, my comments dropped significantly, and I started thinking that no one was reading it. But interestingly, I'm finding through Statcounter that many people are coming across my archived blogs via Google searches. So even if I don't update everyday, its a library of stuff people can pull from.

2) I use my blog as a quote/article library for myself. Instead of storing things on my computer or in a file in my office, I post it on the blog and I can go back to it whenever I want. This has gotten easier with the new Archiving Labels that are available through Blogger.

3) Part of the reason I entered the blogosphere is because the Flat World of cyberministry is moving forward at lightspeed. Pastors may quickly get left behind without intentional engagement. Blogging at least keeps my foot in the door.


Brian Bill said...

Keep blogging, Jason. I read you every day!

Jason Woolever said...

thanks for the encouragement Brian! ditto!

TN Rambler said...

I don't read every day, but I do check out your thoughts at least a couple of times each week. Don't necessarily agree or disagree with your views. And for some reason I fail to comment.


Jason Woolever said...

hey Wayne the TN Rambler, good to hear from you!