Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the Word-centered church

I came across this great article by Dr. Jeff VanGoethem at East White Oak Bible Church, where he lays out different models of church. The one that I am the most drawn to is what VanGoethem calls "The Word-centered Church." He writes of the Word-centered Church:
This church begins with biblical truth and seeks to build its ministry through applying foundational scriptural truths to the modern ministry context. This kind of church seeks authentic spiritual experience and calls for committed discipleship. In its best expressions this is not a model merely concerned with careful biblical scholarship and Bible teaching but also with the animation and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. It takes its cue from what Jesus said about true worshippers: they “must worship in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24). There is often a concern for ministry heritage and a reverence for God’s presence in Christian history but there is also a realization that the church must be driven by its biblical mission. It is not strictly traditional. Therefore these churches are free to explore different methods and programs provided they bring greater effectiveness in accomplishing key biblical objectives. So this kind of church is not indifferent to methods but neither is it as trendy or enamored with the newest fads as are seeker or mega churches. Everything must be weighed in light of accomplishing scriptural objectives.


JD said...

That is a truly AWESOME definition. Thanks for sharing.


Jason Woolever said...

i thought so too man!