Wednesday, April 11, 2007

apostasy and evangelism

Here's a great article about apostasy and evangelism. Here are a couple of blurbs:

"Every year, some 2,765,100 church attenders in Europe and North America cease to be practicing Christians," notesBooks & Culture editor John Wilson, citing the World Christian Encyclopedia. That's five Christians every minute slipping into practical apostasy. Meanwhile, the church in Africa alone is growing by a net result of three new believers every minute.


This study's results indicate the need to revise evangelistic strategy. The Arns recommend abandoning manipulative coercion and viewing evangelism as a process rather than a one-time gospel presentation. They also believe evangelism should be fundamentally relational and tied closely to the church. For if the church community doesn't befriend and incorporate believers within the first six months of their spiritual life, the church will likely see new converts become apostate dropouts.

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Anonymous said...


That brings up a difficult question of conversion or discipleship.

Many are critical of decision theology yet Wesley's heart was "strangely warmed" and was converted upon reading Martin Luther's preface to the book of Romans at Aldersgate.

Baptists look to John Wesley as
one who lead the way with small groups, prayer, fasting, and discipleship.

It is not enough to have small groups, Bible studies, fellowship diners, and no-stress join the church without public profession.

The simple answer is we need both to convert people and make them disciples.

Or one day we we be sitting around like John Wesley saying "Who will convert me?"

John Flores
Little Elm, TX