Tuesday, April 10, 2007

God still speaks

Here is a breathtaking article by John Piper about how God still speaks today. Read it and be challenged, inspired, and encouraged.


Brett said...

You feed has a ton of posts about John Piper. I was going to leave a comment about getting caught up in Reformed Theology, but you only have one post about him on your page.
I became interested in Reformed Theology a few years ago when I started reading Tabletalk Magazine.
I have not read any of Piper's books, but I have listened to a couple of his sermons, and I have heard his name mentioned by many people that I respect.

Brett said...

all of your John Piper tags are showing up in my bloglines subscription. I started looking at dates, and they go pretty far back. I was really wondering how many books by John Piper you are currently reading. Anyway, mystery solved.

Jason Woolever said...

it may be that they showed up because I just added the John Piper tag to some older archived posts.

I like Piper a lot. I'm not really all that Reformed in my theology. I don't see Limited Atonement as being Scriptural without really sqeezing certain passages.

I go back and forth on Conditional/Unconditional Election.

I'm really more Wesleyan in my theology. I don't seem to come across many great writers from the Wesleyan perspective. Wesleyans need their own version of John Piper.

Anonymous said...

Don't be upset with me, but I personally have been given a bad impression of United Methodists in general. You have made me reconsider the whole thing though.

I just read the comments on this rant and I think I know why I like you so much. You refer to yourself as "Wesleyan".

Coming from a so-called Plymouth Brethren background, I'm very critical of people's teachings. We can be a rather hard group of people to please and we'll argue the meanings of three or four words for months at a time. You would earn the respect of them. And I don't expect you to stand back in utter fascination at that, but you must understand that we don't even align ourselves with modern Baptist or Bible churches. We think everyone is missing the point of the gospel. You quite obviously are not.

Your criticisms of Rob Bell are what drew me to your blogs. I have a friend who attends Mars Hill (I live in Wyoming, Mi) and I'm trying to um, gracefully help her realize that she's not hearing the correct message there. I don't believe she's saved and I'm currently working on dealing with that.

She just thinks I'm talking trash when I tell her that she's broken God's laws and needs to be forgiven because that's not what Rob Bell taught her. He's an ordained minister. What does a lay man like me know?

Anyway, I love you for digging into those old John Welsey books. Those old authors are where it's at.

And although I personally don't happen to agree with you on infant baptism in the slightest, you may find it interesting to know that John Nelson Darby also believed in infant baptism his entire life and got nothing but criticism from those who became followers of his teachings. So add him to your list of people to argue.

I'm sorry if this seems kind of condescending. I can't stress the fact of how hard we are to please in that category.

I love interdenominational unity so long as it's in truth. I hate that we're all just supposed to accept each other. I disagree with things you say, but from what I've seen, they're not important to argue about until we're blue-in-the-face. The gospel message is one worth arguing though. And I just can't argue the views I've seen.

I'm just so pleased to find someone in a different denomination to identify with! I'll quit rambling now. Bye.

Jason Woolever said...

thanks for the kind words anon. I also agree in the truth-based unity you speak of.

I'm really surprised to hear that Darby believed in Infant Baptism! That's wild! Thanks for the historical note.