Tuesday, April 10, 2007

religion and sports

Here is an article about religious convictions and the effects they have on success in athletics. I'm not sure I agree with every conclusion they report, but it has come good quotes from Christian athletes. Here are a couple more from Master's winner Zach Johnson:

"This being Easter, Jesus was with me every step. I felt him. It was awesome. Today was a day of perseverance and patience, I guess. I just feel very blessed and very honoured."


Johnson said after being awarded the winner's green jacket: "I don't hit it far, I can't overpower a course, but I think I am mentally tough. I had a lot of people giving me some good words of wisdom and I felt like there was certainly another power that was walking with me and guiding me. It is amazing what God can do. I tried to be non-emotional out there - that was one of my goals - and I just tried to stay in the present and go through my processes."

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