Tuesday, April 03, 2007

true Christian faith

I was reading John Wesley's sermon The Almost Christian and came across this definition of Christian faith:
5. "The right and true Christian faith is" (to go on in the words of our own Church), "not only to believe that Holy Scripture and the Articles of our Faith are true, but also to have a sure trust and confidence to be saved from everlasting damnation by Christ. It is a sure trust and confidence which a man hath in God, that, by the merits of Christ, his sins are forgiven, and he reconciled to the favour of God; whereof doth follow a loving heart, to obey his commandments."
I think he got this definition from here.


Keith Taylor said...

I love this sermon. It is one of my favorites. However, as I've told you before, the quickest way for you to get tossed out of a UM Church today would be to stand up and read, verbatim, Bro. Wesley's sermons. :-( Starting with "The Almost Christian"

I fear that modern American Christians don't want to hear this...

Anonymous said...


Keep preaching the the truth of God's word.

Edify the church and pray for revival and renewal.

Don't be afraid to preach a sermon on


as preached by the Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, and by Jesus as well.

Don't be afraid to preach a sermon on


we are called to be a holy people because God is holy.

Don't be afraid to preach

Jesus has forgiven your sins

and remember to say

Go, and sin no more.

I have to put away my soapbox cause they need it for a soapbox derby.

Preach on Jason,

John Flores
Little Elm, Texas

(I've moved!!!)

J. K. Jones said...

Great quote. Wesley’s a great preacher. I went to his house in London a few years back. A lot of history there.

I like John Newton’s character in the recent film “Amazing Grace.” “I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great savior.”

Keep posting!