Sunday, April 08, 2007

Zach Johnson hopes God was glorified in his Master's win

Today, 31-year-old Zach Johnson won the Master's Golf Tournament. I love this part excerpt from an interview that was conducted after he'd won.
Q. Did you use any routines or techniques to kind of calm and center yourself either when you went home at night this week or on the course in such a pressure situation?
ZACH JOHNSON: You know, I have little things that I tell myself about my round, about my day. Really, nothing changes from week-to-week. It could be a Thursday at a random tournament, it could be a Sunday obviously at Augusta. I say the same things to myself, just how to approach each shot, how to approach each hole.
Today, the only thing different was the fact that it was Easter. I felt like regardless of what happened today, my responsibility was to glorify God and hopefully He thinks I did.


Anonymous said...

Very cool interview... even at the post interview on TV before receiving the green jacket he gave God the glory!

Neat blog too - it kind of reminds me of another one I'm familiar with (the layout anyway). I came across your blog through the reformissionary blog. I'll be praying that God would allow you to find some extra margin in your life this week after your busy schedule last week.

Mercy and grace on you brother.

Jason Woolever said...

steve. good to hear from you. thanks for the prayers!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting that. That inspires and edifies the church by that example.

John Flores