Tuesday, May 15, 2007

tragic news

Sam Rayson, 11-year-old son of my good friend Mike Rayson, died in a tragic accident yesterday. Mike and his family are traveling back to Australia for funeral services. Please pray.

Mike and Amy and their kids stopped by our house a few months ago for lunch as they were traveling through the area on the way to a gig. I met Sam at that time. I remember him for being a very polite and good-natured kid who liked spaghetti. How horrible this is.


Anonymous said...

Hi, actually the Raysons are having a funeral service for Sam in Quad Cities, Illinois tonight (Wednesday) where he'll be cremated. There's also a memorial service in Tennessee on the weekend. They intend to return to Australia in June to bury Sam alongside his grandmother in South Australia.

Sam was kicked by a horse and died almost instantly.

(My name is Warren and I'm on Mike's informal Board of Advisors for Mike Rayson International Ministries.)

Jason Woolever said...

Warren, thanks for the update. i actually talked to mike early this afternoon, in time to be able to drive up to the service. Mike did a beautiful job of honoring Sam, despite the immense pain that he an all present were experiencing.

gavin richardson said...

thanks for the update warren. this is very sad, i never met the fam i did enjoy getting to know mike at some of the various events we'd run into each other with. tragic all the way around

greg hazelrig said...

I've never met the family (or even heard of them before this post) but any time a child dies, it is a terrible ordeal for the family. I pray that they will be able to get through this time of extreme grief with the help of their God.