Friday, May 04, 2007

true spirituality

I just finished reading the Fracis Shaeffer book True Spirituality. Its a pretty awesome little book that explains the basics of living the Christian life.

One thing that I will remember well is his idea that whereas justification is a one-moment-in-history event, sanctification is a moment-by-moment event. In both we are choosing to trust the finished work of Christ on the Cross - in justification in order to be born again, and in sanctification to be cleansed from sin.

He also demonstrates well that many Christians, who are supposed to be supernaturalists, live with a naturalist worldview. A naturualist sees the univserse as a closed system of cause and effect. A supernaturalist sees the universe as an open system where God is always at work.

He says that Christians often try to do God's work in such a way that God is unnecessary. He says he fears that if prayer and the Holy Spirit didn't exist then much of what churches do would be the exact same as what they are currently doing. So we are called to do God's work in God's way, praying, trusting, and waiting on God.

I recommend this good little book, especially if you like philosophical theological stuff (not too many stories in this one).

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