Monday, June 11, 2007

the last week of my life and the next phase

I haven't blogged in about a week. My life has gotten a little crazy. On Sunday, June 3, I got a call from my District Superintendent saying that the Bishop had reappointed me. He asked if my wife and I could meet him and my new D.S. in Springfield (Illinois) at the Conference office on Monday at 2:00pm. From there I learned that the church I have been appointed to is Mascoutah Bethel UMC (pictured above). Tuesday night at 6:30pm my new D.S. introduced me and my wife to the Staff Parish Relations Committee at Mascoutah Bethel.

I was then at Annual Conference from Wednesday to Saturday. Sunday morning, we announced to our current church that I'll be leaving. Sunday evening I was informed that our start date would be July 15 instead of July 1, and we also met the new Associate Pastor who will be coming to Pontiac in a few weeks. He seems like a wonderful guy with a great family. I'm very happy for our church.

So now I'm getting estimates from movers and figuring out the details of the move as I spend my last few weeks at the church and in the town that has been our home for the last five years. When my wife and I moved here, we hadn't even been married two years. We were a family of two. Five years later, we're leaving as a family of four with one on the way. A lot has changed. Its been a good five years here.

We're feeling three very strong emotions simultaneously: the sadness of leaving Pontiac, the excitement about what God has planned for us in Mascoutah, and the stress of trying to work out the details of the move.

My current life situation will probably have very unpredictable effects on my blogging habit.


gavin richardson said...

God bless with the new move. it looks like a fantastic church to plug into. i am sure the folks there will love your family.

Luke Arnold said...

Hey Jason- too bad you were not reappointed to Heyworth. Never heard of Muscatah (sp) before. It looks like it is pretty far south. I hope call goes well. Keep in touch.


Will Deuel said...

I hope it's a good move for you, Jason. Mascoutah is a nice town, not too far from me (relatively speaking). Nice people there, at least from my experience.

Nice seeing you at Conference.

Anonymous said...

Man, I am really gonna miss you, Jennice, and the kids. Remember you always have a place to visit in East Liverpool, OH!

JD said...

There in lies the funny thing about annual conference, from a lay person looking in, the turmoil and challenges, both good and bad, that these re-appointments bring. I posted about a month ago about one of our pastors being appointed to a huge congregation in the west part of Houston. The big difference, his children are grown.

I pray the best for you, Jason. I know that your appointment is annointed in a way that only God truly knows. Hopefully you will be able to continue blogging regularly, once you get settled in. I miss your stuff.


Jason Woolever said...

hey everybody,
thanks for the encouragement and kind words. we will deeply miss our friends from the Pontiac vicinity.

Keith Taylor said...


Pardon my ignorance, but as a layman I am curious that you or some of the other pastors hear could answer me.

You stated that you were getting quotes from movers, etc. Do you have to handle that yourself or does the conference office have a staff that takes care of that like most major businesses do. I have moved 2x for work in the past 10 years. My respective companies took care of all the details of hiring movers, giving me lists of relators, etc. Does our church do the same or are you one your own?

I know I should know this as long as I've been in the church, but I am embarrassed to say I haven't thought much about it til I moved for work last summer and now I'm reading all over the Methodist Blogosphere about y'all moving to diffent churches and details of such. It made me stop and think about that.

Alex said...


I don't know if you remember us from Austin Seminary, but we will be your neighbors! I am serving a church in Belleville, which is just up the road. Please contact us and we can be in touch.

alex . hend @ gmail. com (remove spaces)

God speed!
Alex (& Brett)

Carrie Cummings said...

Wow, Jason - sounds like a big move, but exciting. We haven't done a move yet with small children (we have our two boys 5 and 2), but we're not envying you there. I hope that ya'll settle nicely and quickly in your new home, and that you feel embraced by your new community.
-Carrie and Scott Cummings