Saturday, June 30, 2007

smart goals

I've often heard that a person should set "SMART" goals, but I've never committed to memory the words that go with the acronym. I just stumbled across it at the website for Dale Carnegie Training:

– Specific: Create goals that get a direct result.

– Measurable: Establish criteria to measure your progress.

– Attainable: Identify goals that can be achieved.

– Realistic. Make sure your goal is something you are willing to do.

– Tangible: If your goal is intangible, tying it with something tangible will give you a better chance of achieving it.
I've noticed that have the T stand for "timely." Here's an explaination of that.


Terrence Seamon said...

Check this entry out:



Jason Woolever said...

hey terry. that's good stuff. thanks for the link.