Monday, July 30, 2007

getting your attitude on track

I'm currently reading The Difference Maker, by John Maxwell. Its a book about how the right attitude makes a significant difference in life. Good book for sure.

In chapter four, he says "How to Choose the Right Track" with our attitude is to:

1) Take Responsibility for Your Attitude.

2) Evaluate Your Present Attitude.
- Identify problem feelings about yourself.
- Identify problem feelings related to others.
- Identify problem thinking.

3) Develop the Desire to Change.

4) Change Your Attitude by Changing Your Thoughts.
- Major Premise: We can control our thoughts.
- Minor Premise: Our feelings come from our thoughts.
- Therefore: We can control our feelings by changing the way we think.

5) Develop Good Habits.

6) Manage Your Attitude Daily.


Pam Raber said...

I think you were meant to post that for me Jason. I have had a difficult couple of days, and I have been doing the "poor me". I needed the reminder. God has blessed me with an incredible life. Thanks!!!!

Jason Woolever said...

pam! great to hear from you! i need an attitude reminder very often as well. that's why i like attitude quotes. as cheesy as it sounds, each bad day is just an attitude adjustment away from being a good day.