Friday, July 13, 2007

hello Mascoutah!

Yesterday, the movers unloaded the truck with all of our earthly belongings at our new parsonage in Mascoutah, IL. The people we've met here are all winners and very kind and welcoming. One very cool thing I found out is that my new secretary has the same birthday as my son and me. How wild is that. The parsonage, built only 4 years ago, is a dream house. We are happy to be here and looking forward to our first Sunday of worship at our new home.

Thanks to everyone in Pontiac for the beautiful send off last week. We will miss you all and thank God that when you befriend a fellow believer in Christ, the relationship is eternal.

My new church's website is

P.S. I got word this morning that the Pontiac FUMC Softball Team won last night! Way to go guys!


Carol Herdien said...

Hi Jason! We just returned from three days at the Great Bear Lodge near Starved Rock that has an awesome waterpark. Jeffrey, Billie, Makinzi, Payton and my son Donald and daughter Ruth all had a great time. You are terribly missed already, but I am so happy that I can still keep tabs on you.

I'll tell Jeffrey and Billie that the baseball team won in spite of the fact that they were not there. Playing on the team has been great for Jeffrey.

Carol "Mrs. Jolson" Herdien

Jason Woolever said...

It was sure great getting to know Jeff and Billie even better. And what a great way to spend those hot summer nights. I'm glad you had a good vacation. Tell Jeff, Billie, Makinzi, everyone else in your fam hello for me!

JD said...


Wow! Congrats on the move and good hear that you are already meeting wonderful people. Interesting to read on the website of your new church home that it is celebrating 165 years like FUMHouston is. Sweet!