Friday, August 10, 2007

attitude stuff

During my 3rd year of seminary in 2001, I felt that God was really convicting me of the fact that I had a very cynical and negative attitude. At that time, I began working on having a faith-powered positive approach to life. I find that its a lot of work to keep my attitude positive, but that when I do it, the pay off is very positive as well. People feel better about themselves and life when you're around. You're trusting God and blessing him in all things. You're looking for God's presence and hand throughout the day. Anyway, I've found that when I'm going into a new venture, I have to do a lot of extra work to keep my attitude strong and faith-based because fear is so close all the time. I've been reading a lot of attitude booster stuff lately because I'm at the beginning of a challenging and very promising new appointment. The challenge is reversing the trend of decline which was caused by major church conflict. The opportunities are limitless. The demographic advantage in this town is surreal.

I'm currently reading Today Matters by John Maxwell. This morning I came across these pointers for Managing the Disciplines of Attitude on a daily basis.
1) Recognize That Your Attitude Needs Daily Adjustment
2) Find Something Positive in Everything
3) Find Someone Positive in Every Situation
4) Say Something Positive in Every Conversation
5) Remove Negative Words from Your Vocabulary
6) Express Gratitude to Others Daily

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My quote for today

“God intends for us to become catalysts for distribution not containers for consolidation.”
—Dr. David H. McKinley, Teaching Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

Lover's Lane United Methodist Church

Pastor's Note - God's Blessings Are For You

May our common faith in Jesus Christ bring unity to your church and that you and your family are continue to be bless by the Most High Jesus Christ.

Your friend,
John Flores