Saturday, August 18, 2007

how to make people feel like a million bucks

I just finished a marvelous little book written by John Maxwell and Les Parrot. Its good basic people skill stuff, filled out with lots of personal stories. It was Parrot's idea for John to share his relationship secrets, so Parrot did research and found examples of how Maxwell had used this principles throughout his memory. The stories were so good I was laughing and crying during much of the read. Here's the breakdown of the book:

25 Ways to Win With People - How to Make People Feel Like A Million Bucks
1. Start with Yourself
2. Practice the 30-Second Rule (give people your undivided attention for the first 30-seconds you make contact with them. offer them attention, affirmation, and appreciation)
3. Let People Know You Need Them
4. Create a Memory and Visit It Often
5. Compliment People in Front of Other People
6. Give Others a Reputation to Uphold
7. Say the Right Words at the Right Time
8. Encourage the Dreams of Others
9. Pass the Credit on to Others
10. Offer Your Very Best
11. Share a Secret with Someone
12. Mine the Gold of Good Intentions
13. Keep Your Eyes off the Mirror
14. Do for Others What They Can't Do for Themselves
15. Listen with Your Heart
16. Find the Keys to Their Hearts
17. Be the First to Help
18. Add Value to People
19. Remember a Person's Story
20. Tell a Good Story
21. Give with No Strings Attached
22. Learn Your Mailman's Name
23. Point Out People's Strengths
24. Write Notes of Encouragement
25. Help People Win

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