Monday, August 06, 2007

soaring with Christ

"Our walk with Christ, well learned, is a burden only as wings are to a bird or the engines are to an airplane."
- Dallas Willard


Anonymous said...

Jason -

Have you stopped writting? It seems that lately you are just sharing quotes, which is great, but I miss your opinions, thoughts, etc. What about your new church, the challenges, joys, new issues.

Just wondering - fbw

Jason Woolever said...

fbw. Hey thanks for asking. Honestly, about a month ago I just stopped having as much time to blog out opinions and surf the net and find interesting articles. I've been using my blog differently. I'm now using it primarily as a way to file away things that I may want to pull out at a later time. I find that the category labels make that especially easy.
Maybe later I'll have more time on my hands and can "blog" out opinions, joys, etc. I always have to ask myself why I'm blogging and if it doesn't serve a purpose that I am intentionally seeking to fulfill then I try to stop doing it. Thanks for asking.

JD said...


I do agree, so there are 2 votes. It would be a blessing for us to hear about the new challenges, which we all know seem to float around distribution of time.