Friday, September 07, 2007

God, leadership, and mood

Yesterday I received an article about leadership and renewal in The Pastor's Coach. This line stood out:

"Daniel Goleman, principal author of Primal Leadership, draws upon new research and extensive field studies to conclude that the primary driver of outstanding organizational performance is the leader's mood."

Then this morning during my devotional time, I turned to a random page in My Utmost for His Highest, which happened to be May 20, and the reading was based on Luke 21:19. Here's the excerpt that stood out to me:

"There are certain things we must not pray about - moods, for instance. Moods never go by praying, moods go by kicking. A mood nearly always has its seat in the physical condition, not in the moral. It is a continual effort not to listen to the moods which arise from a physical condition, never submit to them for a second. We have to take ourselves by the scruff of the neck and shake ourselves, and we will find that we can do what we said we could not. The curse with most of us is that we won't. The Christian life is one of incarnate spiritual pluck."


Grant said...

I've heard this before. In practical terms, the pastor is the chief mood setter. I felt like this was sorely misunderstood at a liberal seminary. To bring to light the injustices and wrongs of the world and then leave it to our own strength and drive to remedy them is a downer and a burden that leaves all but the blindest optimist with little hope. Nobody really wants to come hear guilt trips every week unless they are starving to have that "More Socially Just Than You" badge on their Christian sash.
I've noticed that people who take the importance of mood and disposition seriously tend to point to the power of God abundantly more than they point to tragedy and misery. I just look at 1 Peter 3:15 to figure out why. Everybody knows how to be miserable and we don't need more bad news to get there. Yet people notice hope, and it stands out so much that people will ask about it.
I read MUFHH the other day, and it was about disciplining all those parts of your life to be subservient to God. Mood is just one more aspect of that type of Discipleship. We must not be subject to our moods, but our moods subject to God.
For what it's worth...
God bless, bro!

Jason Woolever said...

grant, thanks for the insights. its good to get affirmation from others about what God is trying to teach me. hope all is well man!

JD said...


Oswald has some enlightened devotions. Almost each time I read his stuff, it hits me right where I need it.