Tuesday, September 11, 2007

godly friends

So now I've been a solo pastor for almost two full months. A couple of days ago I ran into a pastoral challenge where I had absolutely no idea what to do. Then God's Spirit reminded me of one of the last things my friend Brian Bill, pastor of Pontiac Bible Church, said to me before I left Pontiac in July, when he came to my farewell reception. What were those words? They were: "You've got my number, right?"

When I emailed Brian with my pastoral challenge, he called my cell phone, helped me process the situation, and pointed me to some Scriptural guidance. God, speaking through Brian, led to a Kingdom building resolution to the issue.

One of God's greatest gifts to us as Christians is friends who say, "You've got my number, right?" who are a little further ahead of us in their journey with the Lord, who will help point us to Scriptural guidance and then pray us through. I've been blessed to have a few friends in my life that can do that for me, who have walked and do walk with me through all life's stuff. I'm very grateful for them.

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