Wednesday, October 24, 2007

why some Muslims convert to Christianity

Here's an interesting article describing the responses of 750 Muslims who have converted to Christianity and why. Here's a blurb:
Many Muslims view dreams as links between the seen and unseen worlds, and pre-conversion visions and dreams often lead Muslims to consult a Christian or the Bible. Frequently a person in the vision, understood to be Jesus, radiates light or wears white (one respondent, though, said Jesus appeared in green, a color sometimes associated with Islamic holy persons). An Algerian woman had a vision that her Muslim grandmother came into her room and said, "Jesus is not dead; he is here." In Israel, an Arab dreamed that his deceased father said, "Follow the pastor. He will show you the right way." Other dreams and visions occurred later and provided encouragement during persecution. A Turkish woman in jail because of her conversion had a vision that she would be released, and she was. A vision of thousands of believers in the streets proclaiming their faith encouraged a young man in North Africa to persevere.


Dan Griffiths said...

Enjoyed this article! I am also an UMC pastor. I serve in Red Bird Missionary Confernce in the mountians of eastern KY.

Came across your blog looking for info about Bruce Wilkenson. I am currently using the DVD for a bible study. I see that we disagree slightly about Bruce.

I noticed links on your profile and was encouraged to see most of them.

If you want to contact me my email addy is

Jason Woolever said...

hey dan,
nice to meet you. I think I wrote that Wilkenson thing about a year and a half ago. My ideas (not my theology) are always in flux, so we may or may not disagree!
Hope all is well in Red Bird Land!

The Thief said...

I was at a conference sponsored by the Voice of the Martyrs where they spoke of the visions Muslims are having of Jesus and the conversions that follow.

I think the article was spot-on in the connection it made about the Muslim view of the seen and unseen worlds, and that's one of the difficulties of being a missionary to the USA, where the unseen is often pushed aside and ignored.

Anonymous said...

A story that was conveyed to me from a foreign missionary...

There was a certain missionary that went to a house church in a Muslim dominated country. He was appalled at the cruelty and injustice that the Christians endured.

As ended a prayer he asked the Lord to end the suffering of the Christians in that country. When the gathering had ended, the local pastor privately took him aside and said to him, Don't ask for our suffering to end.. for if it does we become like the majority of you American Christians... complacent, worldly, and out of touch with with the persecuted church.

I felt really inadequate and words failed me. This was one of a series of events that God is leading me and I am trying to answer what would he have me do.


It's good to see you back. For a bit I thought you were going to change your title to "Life Coach" or "Motivational Speaker"... but I know you better than that.

In Christ,

John Flores
Little Elm, Texas

Daniel McLain Hixon said...

well Jason, you beat me to this since I was hoping to write on it this week. My response was "Oh yeah, that's right! God is doing this stuff too, so it's not on me to save everybody!" I had almost forgotten.

JD said...


Small world. I had not been by in a few weeks and had posted on my blog about a family of Muslim converts that were baptized at my church the weekend of the 21st. I added a second post and linked to you.


Ryan Jones said...

Hi Dan. I had some thoughts on this study myself a few days ago, from a charismatic perspective. Thought you might find them interesting.

Clix said...

*peek* Hope things are going well over there!

Brett Royal said...

hey Jason -
you've been silent for a while. Just wanted to check to make sure everything is ok.