Thursday, December 27, 2007

incredibly moving

Check this out. This was done by the youth at my old church. Incredible job gang. Great job, Pastor Grant Armstrong!


Anonymous said...

Good to have you blogging Jason. I watched this video and understand that it was done the Sunday before Christmas at the 10:45 service. The other two services had the Walk to the Manager. I don't understand what the presentation had to do with Christmas and didn't understand what it meant. Please advise.

Carol Herdien

Pastor Grant said...

Please feel free to ask the high school students involved about the skit they performed. They worked very hard on it, and put a great deal of thought into it the skit. I think they would have some great responses to your question about what their portrayal has to do with the birth of the One who is our Savior.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Grant

Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment jason!
everyone in our sunday school class worked really hard to get it done.
especially ron and vicki.
they were incredible putting this all together.
to make it more related to christmas, we had a walk to the manger with a short narration before the skit to tie it more into christmas.


Armando said...

Hello Jason,

Just stopped by to wish you a fruitful year 2008, family and ministry wise!


Pastor Grant said...

Thanks for giving props where props are due. Ron and Vicki worked VERY hard, and had some great help from Phyllis and Bob Long with the theatrical lighting. And I have to say, the writer/narrator/sound-tech was strong, too.
In Christ,
Pastor Grant

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason! So glad you like what the kids did with the "Everything" skit. It was amazing to watch them all join together. I happened to be sub-ing for Ron and Vicki the first Sunday we showed it to the class as a group. Many of them had seen it at home before, but to see them react to it as a group was awe-inspiring. Ron and Vicki get credit for taking the kid's ideas, guiding their choices, and coordinating every piece to make this amazing video. As Grant said, Bob Long brought in the professional touch with his lighting, and Mary Jones did an amazing job recording and doing the tech stuff. I'm thinking they should take it on the road! You didn't get to see the narration or the nativity that tied it together with Christmas. That happened before Nicole and John appeared, and was cut off before it was posted. If you'd like to see it all, Mary would send it to you. Glad you liked it! I'm like a proud mom!!