Thursday, May 08, 2008

perry noble on preaching

I'm always interested in hearing about how other people prepare sermons. Here's Perry Noble giving away the process he uses.

The Art of Possibility

I finished The Art of Possibility last week. And it was a very mind-opening read. I would recommend it. Each chapter is memorable slogan to represent a practice that the authors are trying to teach.

Here are the practices:
1. It's All Invented
2. Stepping into a Universe of Possibility
3. Giving an A
4. Being a Contribution
5. Leading from Any Chair
6. Rule Number 6
7. The Way Things Are
8. Giving Way to Passion
9. Lighting a Spark
10. Being the Board
11. Creating Frameworks for Possibility
12. Telling the WE Story

I recognize that these won't make much sense without expanations. You might want to read it for yourself. You'll probably enjoy it, but it is not a quick read. Its a "read a chapter and chew on it for a day and then read another one" kind of book.