Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Art of Possibility

I finished The Art of Possibility last week. And it was a very mind-opening read. I would recommend it. Each chapter is memorable slogan to represent a practice that the authors are trying to teach.

Here are the practices:
1. It's All Invented
2. Stepping into a Universe of Possibility
3. Giving an A
4. Being a Contribution
5. Leading from Any Chair
6. Rule Number 6
7. The Way Things Are
8. Giving Way to Passion
9. Lighting a Spark
10. Being the Board
11. Creating Frameworks for Possibility
12. Telling the WE Story

I recognize that these won't make much sense without expanations. You might want to read it for yourself. You'll probably enjoy it, but it is not a quick read. Its a "read a chapter and chew on it for a day and then read another one" kind of book.

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