Thursday, May 08, 2008

perry noble on preaching

I'm always interested in hearing about how other people prepare sermons. Here's Perry Noble giving away the process he uses.


Lori said...

Linked to you through Tess Allan's blog. Just wanted to pop over and say hello. I have such wonderful memories of you and Janine at PLUMC...back before you were a couple! I think of you everytime I read Max Lucado's You Are Special to our precious son. You gave us that book as a wedding gift. That and a concordance, and both have come in handy!
Rudy and I live in TN now and are God has been so good to us here.
Love to you and your family,
Lori Leal

Mark Madsen said...
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Mark said...

Hi Jason, another blast from the past actually. It's Mark Madsen from NIU. I started a very good band as guitarist after I saw you in 1996. I also attend Harvest Bible Chapel up here in NW burbs too. I see those Fender pics you used to use in your pic. If you want to jam or on some recordings, that would be great.
I am happy to see your profession and I'm sure you participate in the music ministry too, wow.

Jason Woolever said...

hey mark, i'd love to jam with you sometime man. ever come down do st. louis?

Mark said...

Wow I looked up Andy J Harris and he's moved off to Germany. No contact anymore. He got a Masters Sociology degree and stayed in DeKalb but moved to Germany. Not doing music anymore apparently.
I'll find him later.

Mark said...

Jason, I wrote you a long post but I don't think it got through. Basically my band is just gettin going and I would definitely like to see your church when we go to St Lois to tour. Yah I went to school there in 1994 for a few months.
I would like to come now but no car and low fundage. I think I might get a car at the end of this year or next. You can also come here if you could.
Send me your stuff though. I use a Zoom H2 for recording. It's a field recorder and works great even for pro stuff. $200.
Can you send links to people from Northern if you have some. Thanks.

Also that cover band you guys had was the best I seen. We had all pros doing it which made it great. Very difficult to do that.

We'll get together ASAP.
I constantly thought about you guys.

Mark said...

You cover band:

Darrin: Freshman: Calculus 5 Master 4.0 average, Classical guitar major
Pepe: Top vocalist in Illinois or more who sings pop. He really could have cleaned out American Idol if that's even a fair show.
Andy Harris, You: Classcial guitar major, The other pro with both knowing Rock well.
The drummer Jason who was signed on a record contract
Good looks and personalities the whole shot.

Just more discipline next time and spirituality.

It's so haaaaard to find people like that dude. Not only do you have to hang around with obsessively master talented musicians but then you have to sort of discover someone who wants to play Rock. It might be more magical then anything but still it takes allot of time and energy.

Mark M said...

Jason. No posts for soo long? I will come down to Mascouta soon to visit. I have a nice Taurus now.
I am trying to reconnect with some people from Northern that were dear friends of mine. I had been sick for a while and disconnected. I will see you soon. I need your email too.